Dean Graziosi Scam: Truth About How To Be A Real Estate Millionaire

How I Found Out About The Dean Graziosi Scam

Dean GraziosiAbout six years ago I was in my junior year of high school and I happened to stumble upon a book that my mom had on her book case called, Be A Real Estate Millionaire by Dean Graziosi.

I immediately picked up the book because of course how intriguing the title was. I thought to myself, I would love to be a millionaire and I hadn’t really put the thought into becoming a millionaire through real estate.

Now my mom is the type of person who will buy something out of curiosity and never pick it up after the purchase, so I knew that if I took it she wouldn’t be worried about it. I read the book within about 1-2 days, and I couldn’t believe how much information I had learned.

I would consider myself an open minded person, so when I find something I’m not so quick to judge or place standards on something especially when I don’t know much about the particular subject. Now I had been exposed to a little bit of real estate because my mom would from time to time talk about how buying and selling homes is a good way to make money, but she never really went into details about how it was possible.

After I finished Dean Graziosi’s book I was positive I could make money with real estate. I mean the amount of information he had in the books was astonishing. After I finished the entire book I felt that I had not only the power to achieve but also the will to make it in the real estate industry.

Dean Graziosi Scam Truth

I talked to my mom about the book after I finished and she seemed excited that I had picked up the interest in the idea. At that point I had decided that I wanted to go to school for business so that I would be able to learn how to be an entrepreneur and be able to work in the real estate industry.

Fortunately, I still had a year of high school left and so I spent my free time learning all that I could learn from Dean Graziosi through his emails and website. At no time throughout my learning did I think for a second that this could be some type of scam.

The amount of information he was giving and the success I saw other people having quickly showed me that not only was this possible for him but other normal people as well.

One thing that I absolutely love about Dean Graziosi is his sincerity. When you read his books, you don’t feel as though your are reading a text book or being sold to buy more products, he is talking to you as though you are his friend or his personal student.

You can tell that he genuinely wants to help you succeed with his program as well as become wealthy internally and externally. See the thing about Dean is he knows what it takes to be successful and it’s not all in a sales strategy. He knows that if you want to be successful, you’ve got to put you mind into it as well.

One of the most beneficial things I got from his book is how he explains how to focus your mind and get yourself in the right place to be able to succeed. I really took from that and applied it to my life in general.

Why I Don’t Believe In the Dean Graziosi Scam Critics

If there’s one thing that is impossible to avoid it’s skeptics and critics. I noticed that as I would do more research into Dean Graziosi and his training material, there were people that would complain and say this is all just a Dean Graziosi Scam, he’s a scam artist and all these crazy things.

Some would post things on the internet claiming they bought courses from him and claimed they weren’t able to make any money with what he was teaching and after seeing this it really wasn’t hard for me to pinpoint where the problem was.

Here’s the thing about Dean and any other person on the internet that offers a product or a service claiming to provide information to help people make money.

When most people see things like that, they cannot help but become fearful of the idea because their mind is not conditioned to believe in positive possibilities in life. Most people go through failures or are exposed to other people’s failures and the thought of failing literally scares and turns off the type of people who are afraid to fail.

The way I see it, Dean Graziosi scam is nonexistent and those who claim they have been scammed are just not taking the proper actions in order to succeed with his program. There are no excuses to call his teachings and products a scam when there have been so many people who have benefitted from him.

I, for one can say that after six years of reading his books and learning from his videos, I have still been greatly impacted by what I’ve learned and have now applied some of his teachings in my own business.

I honestly feel that learning from him gave me the solid foundation I needed to build my business successfully.
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Dean Graziosi Scam
Dean Graziosi scam

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