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New Dance 2013 Called Yiking

yikingIf you haven’t been living you’re life under a rock like me, then you’ve probably heard of the new form of dancing called yiking. Now when I first heard the song Red Nose, by Sage the Gemini, I knew that dancing to this song was going to be intense and sexy, but I still had no idea what yiking was until I saw a video on YouTube. The first thing I thought when I saw the dance for this song was, this is just another way to grind. But in reality, there is actually much more to yiking then what meets the eye.

What Is Yiking?

Yiking, in simple terms, is a style of movements you make when dancing with a partner. Orginating in The Bay Area, there are actually different moves such as the Bay Area dip also called dipping, the New Orleans Bounce, and of course the well know Twerk. In order to yike properly you want to be able to do all of these moves fluently and incorporate them in to the same dance.

How To Know If You’re Yiking Right?

You will know without a doubt that you are yiking correctly when the movements become a natural reaction. Just like any other dance it take practice to get better and even the most experienced twerker might need to take some time to practice because there is a lot that goes in to the dance.

You want to watch the moves a few times first, before you attempt to do it on your own, just so you can get a hang of the movements. Once you do try the dance make sure you keep in mind that your movements should be snake like. You want to shift your weight to the right and left in a snake like manner, while arching your back. To dip, try to think of diving, as if you were trying to dive into a pool and come up, in and out, almost mermaid like.

Sounding a little confusing?

Don’t worry dipping, yiking and twerking is an art form and like anything else it takes a little time and patience, so if you aren’t able to get it down the first time, don’t give up keep trying again.

Best Yiking Songs

Red Nose (Sage the Gemini)

Panoramic (D-Mac feat. Sage the Gemini)

Booty Me Down (KStylis)

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