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Organo Gold Scam

Organo Gold Scam

If your reading this post its because your educated and not just the type to jump into something just because it looks good or because you hear the masses talking about it, hence the Organo Gold company. I applaud your skepticism and I for one can relate because I’m the same way.

I was attracted by the flashing of money I saw all over the Internet. My first thought was that it was another mlm. I instantly went to Google and searched the Organo Gold Scam. I actually found a lot of mixed reactions. Some people were showing off their riches and trying to get me to join.

Others were bashing the opportunity and I saw Organo gold Scam were all over their reviews. I was taken back by it because they would say how much of a scam it was then try to offer me something else. I started to notice the hidden agendas behind the bashing. I was now more confused than before. So I decided to dig deeper in the mystery of Organo Gold Scam.

Organo Gold Scam True Or Not

organo gold

I decided to reach out to the BBB. I contacted the Better Business Bureau to get the real scoop behind the Organo Gold Scam. They have a automated system that allows you to enter certain information to get the real results. I found out that they were indeed a “A Rated Company. This was a hug deal because they are the “guru” to find out about a business.


I then decided to call the Organo Gold company itself to test run to see if they really offer the services they claim. They verified the services but I then reached out to some This did for me.


I finally found out the Organo Gold Scam did not exist.This is a real company that is doing exactly what they say they offer.

Organo Gold Scam Resaon i said No!

In my opinion I think Organo Gold is a great company and products are as well. But i find that most people will struggle getting into this type of business, One of the reason i turned down the organo gold opportunity was because its was just another mlm with a shallow and narrow product.

Organo Gold is one of the highest grossing mlms in the world right now. Most people look at mlms as a pyramid scheme but if you really think about it society is a pyramid scheme.

Organo Gold can be very difficult to market if you have no experience and do not have a huge organization already. When ever i get involved in something i always take a look at the product then i ask my self do millions of people need this thing that im selling, well in this case it would be coffee.

As we all know coffee is one of Americas favorite . But who wants to come off like a salesmen in this industry so that why i said no i want a product that can really sell it self versus me trying to sell it.

organo gold scam

Organo Gold is a great company but not the best product.

organo gold


Demetris Gorham

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I hope this post helped clear the mystery of the Organo Gold Scam.

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This is sad that people don't understand Organo Gold! Let's use this as an example...I'm sure all of you have heard of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Notre Dame University... All great schools and highly thought of as a place to receive a solid education.  People may pay $40k or $50k per year to attend these great institutions. Think of all the drop outs that quit in their 1st /2nd /3rd or 4th year. They lost anywhere from $40k up to $200k!  Are you posting about that being a scam? No? Why Not? Some things are not meant for everyone.  The people on here complaining are the ones that can't do Organo Gold and dropped out. Organo Gold doesn't fail anyone! You failed as an individual and are looking to place the blame on the company.

You failed to mention in your one sided attack of O.G. & the thousands upon thousands that are doing well in O.G. It's you and your lack of abilities that caused you to fail. You have to grow through personal development and improve the very make up of you! Honestly, how many books or recordings on self development did you invest in to improve yourself? How many mentor-ship calls did you listen to?  How many conventions did you attend? How many Saturday training meetings did you attend? You see, if you bothered to study what the wealthy people do, you would know they are always looking to improve themselves and become sharper. Like the song by Michael Jackson (The Man In The Mirror) that is the 1st place for you to start. Like anything that is new you have to work out the bugs example: getting product on time! Hasn't been a problem for us since April 2012!

Here are some main reasons Organo Gold is working! Organo Gold couldn't be currently 34 countries as of 02/02/2014! Countries have checked us out from top to bottom. We wouldn't have a partnership with Mercedes Benz and placing the O.G name on the cars. Organo Gold just signed Greg Norman (Golf Pro) Global Ambassador for Organo Gold. We wouldn't have a partnership with Jamaica and our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Organo Gold has been the only company to have a collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to have the company name and logo printed on the book "Think and Grow Rich"! This book has created more millionaires and successful people that ANY book ever written. By the way Bill Gates' father's law firm did a in-depth research and background check before we could collaborate with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Did you read that book...my guess NOT! My wife and I have read it twice.

Quote from the late Zig Ziglar, "Good Things Are Seldom Cheap & Cheap Things Are Seldom Good! You know this because of your self improvement readings! NOT!!!

Be honest with yourself and question did you do all that you could do to become better?  And if you write back complaining that I'm wrong then you need to take a look in the mirror! Some people can...Some people won't...Who cares! Move on! Organo Gold didn't fail you...You failed you!


Yeah. I checked the BBB. They are C rated. And they are not even accredited. They have 37 complaints. The FTC has a file on them. The Food and Drug Administration investigated Organo Gold's CEO in 2004. He was issued a warning that his company was breaking the law by making medical claims that could not be verified. The U.S. Department of Agriculture also has an open case against Organo Gold. They issued a civil penalty against the company in 2010. Attorney generals in Texas, Florida and Mississippi have received complaints against the company. So, it doesn't look like you did your homework.


@DannyBurdette Looks like nobody here did their homework if not superficially. If you believe everything our super trusted friend the "government" and it's hound dogs the media, put out there, then I am sorry to say, you are missing out on many truths. Do your own research. The FDA has absolutely no grounds other than the stupid claims many of the Organo Gold distributors make, which by law can't be made. It is a question of language. That is why we use testimonials when describing what people can experience with nutrutional supplements.You can't make health claims about nutraceuticals and nutrition driven supplements, we are slaves to a medical system that thrives on keeping people in chronic illness. The US has 49% of the population chronically ill. If you don't see something wrong in this picture then maybe you should document yourself a little. Ganoderma lucidum, the USDA organically grown health component in Organo Gold's products, is one of the most ancient health tonics the Japanese and Chinese ancient civilizations used to maiximize the bosy's capability to heal itself. With a proper diet and ganoderma, people have been known to come off multiple medications they had been on for years. Bernie Chua, the founder of Organo Gold was involved with Gano Excel, another ganoderma coffee company that started in the far east. When he started Organo Gold, it was with the purpose of bringing organically grown ganoderma to the US in a major way. It is long overdue that in US we start looking at holistic ways of maintaining good health and wake up to the lies big pharma has been telling us and doctors have been trained to use. The facts speak clearly, we are the laughing stock of industrialized nations from a health standpoint. Check any company, whether MLM or not to see if any complaints from consumers are in their archive.  With Organo Gold they are mostly from disgruntled failed distributors. The FTC case has been archived. And the ganoderma is USDA approved organic. The problem is some distributors claim the coffee is organic which is inaccurate except for three products. I recommend a documentary titled "Food Matters".


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