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Motor Club Of America Mca scam | MCA Hidden Agendas Explained

Another misleading   (MCA Motor Club Of America Scam) Review LOL Just KIDDING



In this mca review you will get nothing but the truth and only the truth from a year worth of experience with mca

event though its not a scam there are still flaws in this company that no one is stating so be sure to read all the way to the bottom


Motor Club Of America Mca scam | MCA Hidden Agendas Explained


If your reading this post its because your

educated and not just the type to jump into

something just because it looks good or because you

hear the masses talking about it, hence the …” MCA SCAM”.

I applaud your skepticism and I for one can

relate because I’m the same way.




I was attracted by the flashing of money I saw all over the Internet.

My first thought was that it was too good to be true.

 I instantly went to Google like you did and searched the

Motor Club Of America Scam“...

MCA SCAM and everything else that could lead me to other sources other than

reps flashing money on videos.



I actually found a lot of mixed reactions.

Some people were showing off their

riches and trying to get me to join. Others were bashing the

opportunity and I saw Motor club of america scam and mca scam

was all over their reviews.




I was taken back by it because they would say

how much of a scam it was then try to offer me something else.

I started to notice the hidden agendas behind the bashing.

I was now more confused than before.

So I decided to dig deeper in the mystery of  MCA Scam.




Is there really a MCA Scam?(Motor Club Of America Scam )


I decided to reach out to the BBB. I contacted the

Better Business Bureau to get the real scoop

behind the Motor Club Of America Scam.

They have a automated system that allows you to enter certain

information to get the real results.

I found out that they had an B- rating.


But not accredited as you see below  KEEP READING

MCA Motor Club of america Scam
















This was a hug deal because they are the “guru” to

find out about a business.

I then decided to call the MCA Motor Club Of America  company

itself to test run to see if they really offer the services they claim.





They verified the services but I then reached out to some

Tow truck services to see if they had done

business with then and I later found out they have.

This did for me.



I finally found out the MCA Motor Club Of America Scam did not exist.

This is a real company that is doing exactly what they say they offer.



 So how does mca “referral ” program work ?


You will get your own referral link for example

mines is http://tvcmatrix.com/demetrisg1994.

When you refer someone to the services and benefits

with your link  and they pay for their benefits

you get $80 commission.(for selling the services)

Motor Cub Of America Send An Confirmation Email Within 24hrs  Every time you make a sale.



motor club of america scam

But the questions remains why does mca pay $80 and how is it possible?

ok what if i told you mca offers 3 different packages

Motor Club Of America Scam

they each support different factors when you’re on the road,

on each individual one you have to pay

the monthly fee twice in advance

because its tied to the commission payout




which mca pays advanced commission because they know

they have a legitimate and a product thats

in well demand by canadians and americans




so i guess the idea was to saturate the

product with a umbrella name/brand

so it can create some buzz and that’s what

started this whole idead of a pyramid scheme with mca

just big investors wanted to put

something on the market that was missing aka




” A Auto Service Financial  wellness company that pays 200% advanced commission”




It just so happens the money getting aspect went viral

and newbies were being taught the wrong way to market this product.



I can’t lie It was a time I was doing the same crap and I eventually stop and learned how to attract the right people.



But some how i managed to get over the

hump of that  ” Learning Curve “  thanks to

a simple 3 step process I learned from my mentors.


I realize its about long term residual income

so there for you need residual traffic thats going to

keep coming for months or even years to come

without you chasing people down or begging for attention.

I learned aslongs as you have

sustainable traffic and a nice converting sales funnel you

will have a very sustainable business that will keep rewarding

you …




Before i Invested all this time on learning all of this marketing jibberish

i was just your average teen who had hoop

dreams or wanted something

other than a college degree and a phd


but somehow i manage to take a

” $40 investment ” on car services

into retirement,passion and a lifestyle I enjoy ….

with out picking up the phone all

day and working 7 hours a week.


Its nothing like being able to travel and all you see is $80 commissions

rolling in while you are out doing fun stuff I can honestly say

my mca business is on ” complete autopilot ” .



So what are MCA cons Demetris ?


MCA Motor Club Of America Is A Legit Company Just have to know and work the business correctly. Read The rest of the cons below.


Cons – Charge backs: when your customers don’t stay active for 17 months tvc takes back their $80 but not all

at once look below.


Prepaid Deduction – when someone signs up with prepaid card you only get $9.24 but this make sense since its a monthly charge and prepaids cant drafted so that explains.


SO in a nutshell is a mca motor club of america scam ?



Considering the fact i made over $60k last year online  from this

company and other reps have made money as

well and this company has an official product

no then its not a scam and besides no one

scams with a real product and a company phone

number and address listed on the bbb…keep reading



But the biggest factor of them all is people being scammed by other mca reps!!  


I have had plenty of people finding my blogs in google by

googling mca scam and youtube saying their sponsor

ditched them and haven’t provided any

leadership or any training material.


Unfortunately I’m done helping people who are not

on my team so .. think twice before signing up under the

person that first pitched you this opportunity



So as I stated in my video review be

careful who you choose to let mentor you

because everyone doesn’t know how to

train they’re team for ” long term duplicatable success “.



because the truth of the matter is that facebook promoting

is something I’m against and my team doesn’t get down like that

just know if you decide to take action and look into



joining this program you’re going to need a leader who

will show you how duplicate and  drive traffic without

spamming and without even being

there so you can build a business while

having fun at the same time


Because if you are working extra hard to

get a measly $80 commission then

you are not doing it right so let me show

you exactly how I was able to

to go from  struggling with a 9-5 job

at the zoo while being miserable

going to school everyday ……


After being apart of this industry for

quite sometime now I finally realize its all just

duplication and self empowerment.



So if you are tired of

the grinder lifestyle and want to make decision thats going to change

your life timely and financially I want you to take 30min to

watch and listen to my story what all i had to do to get where I am today


             ” so click here and enter your email to see how I was able to retired from a job at the zoo

                     at the age of 18 and become the  ” Youngest Top Producer “  in the company ..



MCA Scam

lol im actually 19 now this blog is about a year old but still click the banner and enter your email and I look forward

One of my favorite Quotes

” More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest defeat came just one step beyond the point of which defeats had overtaken them “

~ Napoleon hill 


God Bless and Have A Great Day


The Guru Slayer,

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.00.02 AM






check out my youtube videos as well

click here for more details before joining the company

Connect With Me On Facebook

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Important Legal Information Below

  Income Disclosure

The income examples you may have seen or you about to discover just from reading and coming across my content this is not typical results and I can never guarantee you any specific type of income the amount of hours worked to create the income shown may vary.





If you like this blog on mca scam, motor club of america scam and motor club of america please share thanks and god bless


WOHOOO he is awsome i already made my first sale with his training


K Brother I just Signed Up you seem to be the only one with real proof and i check out your youtube  GREAT TRAINING MAN

ashely thomas
ashely thomas

So i just signed up im adding you on facebook now and you have alot of followers on fb lol Keep up the good work

stan smith
stan smith

great post i hope this mca thing works well but i think i made the right decision 


i just signed up under him earlier and he has already shown me something i have never seen before i feel like i made a great decsion by signing up under him COACHING IS INCREDIBLE


best sponsor in mca hands down rock on BRO!!


Good post. It's about time people learned the truth about MCA!


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